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At Seeds of Empowerment, we believe that education is a human right for all. We are a team of dedicated volunteers and leaders committed to implementing Seeds of Empowerment programs to bring access and quality of learning for the world’s hardest to reach. Working together from across 25 countries, our team leverages our skills and our shared passion to make a difference in the lives of under served communities around the world.


Meet our Founder

Dr. Paul Kim
Dr. Paul KimFounder
Dr. Paul Kim is the Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education since 2001. As an education technology entrepreneur, Paul leads initiatives involving the design of learning technologies, educational research, and community development. In 2009, Paul founded Seeds of Empowerment, as a non-profit global education incubator for social innovations leveraging mobile technologies.

Executive Team

Joseph Yi
Joseph YiChief Executive Officer
Joseph Yi obtained his B.A. in Biology from Dartmouth College in 2013. Following graduation, he joined Teach For America and spent 2 years teaching 10th grade biology/11th grade chemistry to underprivileged students at Barringer Academy of the Arts & Sciences, where he gained a passion for education. Recognizing a fundamental need for more interest in STEM, he decided to move on from teaching to create YMC, a non-profit focused on launching a STEM competition to inspire students in STEM. Through his journey with YMC, he had the chance to meet Paul Kim and Sam Truong. Inspired by the company’s vision and the potential larger impact it could have, he decided to join the team where he could not only inspire students in the field of STEM, but empower students through other means to ultimately foster students to become future leaders within their communities and the world.
Sean Chearavanont
Sean ChearavanontChief Strategy Officer
Sean Chearavanont is Chief Strategy Officer of Seeds of Empowerment, as well as the president of Seeds of Empowerment Thailand. As a multi-culturaled individual who has a deep rooted family background in both business and education, Sean Chearavanont’s couples the two to drive forth the Seeds of Empowerment mission. From his experience working for leading the BUILD foundation, a Thailand based non-profit organisation, Sean wishes to further pursue charitable endeavours to aid education in a grander scale.


Claudia Munoz Reyes

Charlie Chung

Grace Kim

Natalia Olij

Tina Hong

Nari Kim

Alayna Buckner

Claudia Olaciregui

David Yi

Volunteer Team

Field Operations and Technology

  • Juengah (June) Kim – Principal Project Lead
  • Pamela Levine – Principal Project Lead
  • Sunmi Seol -Principal Project Lead
  • Noah Freedman -Project Associate
  • Alvin Kim – Project Associate
  • Elisabete Pires – Project Assistant
  • Marc Schnau – Project Assistant
  • Peter (Shiliang) Wang – Project Assistant
  • Justina Kim

Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

  • Elizabeth Buckner – Principal Project Lead
  • Stephanie Soares Ferreira – Project Lead
  • Eunbae Lee – Project Associate
  • Donggil Song – Project Associate
  • Asli Telli Aydemir – Project Assistant
  • Monita Basu – Project Assistant
  • Ellen Dong – Project Assistant
  • Juan Ignacio Fernandez – Project Assistant
  • Miriam Mahapatra – Project Assistant
  • Lucas Verra – Project Assistant
  • Sawyer Edward Bryce Altman – Project Assistant

Program Development

  • Claudia Munoz Reyes – Principal Project Lead
  • Ioanna Fergadiotou – Principal Project Lead
  • James Miller – Project Associate
  • Anisha Mudaliar – Project Associate
  • Aaron Sharp – Project Associate
  • Yi Zhang – Project Associate
  • Gennesaret Ajuka – Project Assistant
  • Tito Dimas Atmawijaya – Project Assistant
  • Amit Bharti – Project Assistant
  • Kismet El Husseiny -Project Assistant
  • Karen Page – Project Assistant
  • Ananth Subramanian – Project Assistant

Organization Management

  • Mira Gillet – Project Associate
  • Kamakshi Duvvuru – Project Associate
  • Kaveena Balakumar – Project Assistant
  • Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari – Project Assistant
  • Chimae Cupschalk – Project Assistant
  • Yeon Ji Kim – Project Assistant
  • Chole Sheen – Project Assistant

Marketing and Communications

  • Nataya Boonmark – Project Associate
  • Kaushik Nagaraj – Project Assistant
  • Ujjwal Kumar Pathak – Project Assistant
  • Anastasia Volkova-Duhovic – Project Assistant
  • Neha Dhyani – Principal Project Lead
  • Alex Bonk – Principal Project Lead
  • Maren Goldberg – Principal Project Lead
  • JoAnne Allen – Project Assistant
  • Melonnie Manohar – Project Assistant
  • Meredith McDonald – Project Assistant
  • Sayyed Muhammad Irfan Raza Naqvi – Project Assistant